December 12th – February 28th

BACALART SA is the 2nd iteration of BACALART MEXICO, the first digital eco-artistic festival linking France and Mexico in an original experience in the service of our ecosystem. For the first edition, we chose the small town of Bacalar in Mexico, where the lagoon is changing its face due to poor management of wastewater, waste and growing irresponsible tourism.

BACALART SA is curated by Catalina Sour Vasquez, presenting works by:
Alice Louradour
Carlo Amen
Caroline Derveaux
Catalina Sour Vasquez
David Aiu Servant Schreiber
Diane Merli
Jorge Villarreal
Pauline Miko
Stef Crosa
Valentine Huyghues Despointes

Supported by the French artists’ collective META, BACALART is a local cultural solidarity action with an international scope, conveyed through the prism of art, music and innovation BACALART is an artistic experience without limits or borders; a travelling festival that offers, once a year, an unusual event in a locality with a fragile ecosystem: a time capsule of awareness and sharing broadcast live at the heart of a residency meeting between artists from a specific country with French artists.

Exhibition Archive

polka dot art sale new

Continuing our goals of developing new ways to reach the community through the arts, we are excited to announce our first art event of 2021. Coinciding with Contemporary Art Month San Antonio and progressing across borders, regions, and new spheres of interaction. 


March 25 @ MBS Gallery:

 NFT Sculpture Release 

 Is There Life on Mars: by Jose Balli

Sales in Crypto are 25% off!


The rise of the digital age brings forth a future of decentralized possibilities for artists. Never has the opportunity for artists to receive payment in a multimodal way been so equitable and attractive.  

NFTs, or "Non-Fungible Tokens," are one-of-a-kind tokens that represent a unique good or asset.  NFTs can be bought and sold by collectors. The use of blockchain technology keeps track of provenance and ownership of the art without limiting an artwork’s ability to freely circulate in the digital realm.

The secondary trading of digital art using NFTs allows the artist to collect royalty in perpetuity on all future re-sales of the artwork and opens up a transformative secondary market for artists that rewards them financially when their work grows value.

Jose Balli’s latest collection of NFT’s digital sculptures look to explore humans’ fascination with Mars. Balli looks to bridge geological characteristics of the Martian surface to analogous hematite found on earth. He explores the hematitic mineral as monoliths that bridge the human being and the future of Martian exploration. 


April 24 @ Galeria Blanco Colima (Colima 168, col. Roma Norte, CDMX )

Clandestine Pop-up: MBS Collection in Mexico City. 

May  27  @ MBS Gallery

Clandestine Pop-Up: Works by variety of artists, exhibition curated by Clandestine Gallery

MBS Community Altar commemorates our shared losses of the past year


It’s October, in a year no one can say has been easy. The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted all our lives in so many ways.

After more than six months of economic contraction, psychological strain and a certain amount of isolation, we at MBS are feeling called to community, and also to the need to acknowledge the collective loss we have all experienced throughout this time. Many lives have been lost to Covid-19. Many businesses have suffered or closed up all together. All of us have felt the pain of isolation, the stress of ongoing uncertainty, and the real hardship of this pandemic on our lives.

This month, MBS is creating a Community Altar for Día de los Muertos outside the Art Gallery at out Southtown location. The altar will memorialize and celebrate the lives and businesses lost over the past year, including those who succumbed to the virus.

We invite you, our members and friends, to send us a photo and/or the name of anyone you'd like remembered on this special community altar. 

The altar will be up for you to visit and contribute to starting Friday, October 30, and stay up through First Friday, November 6. On those evenings, the Gallery will be open and you can see our latest exhibit. But, we invite you to come by any time! The altar will be outside in the breezeway for anyone to see it or add to it without a crowd.

Please contact Lesley at lesley@mbslife.com to add a photo or name of someone you'd like to remember, or to make any other small contribution to the construction of the altar. 

MBS Gallery presents: Mud and Fine Lines, Photographs by Agustin Reyes Seidler


Mud and Fine Lines

Charity Art Event Benefitting Endeavors
w/ Raffle and DJ! 

September 17  |  7 - 11 pm
The Gallery at MBS, 1115 S. Alamo Street

Sponsored by MBS Fitness and IWC Cleaning

* In person * Due to Covid-19, we are taking precautions to ensure everyone's safety.
Please RSVP to info@mbslife.com so we know who to expect!

Join MBS Fitness and IWC Cleaning in this celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month and recognizing Fotoseptiembre. We present photographic works of Mexican-born artist Augustin Reyes Seidler.

Agustin Reyes Seidler, was raised in Valle de Bravo on his family’s Ranch. He completed his High school in California and Canada and attended College in Mexico City. In his young adult years, he later moved to Tel-Aviv, Israel. The majority of his creative process that took place in his persona was through hard labor, physical experiences and life itself.

Mud: beauty is everywhere, framing it well is a challenging goal. When one tries to bring life to a frame, suddenly the expectations are elevated, but we do our best. Life's a Journey.

Fine Lines: The moment something is named there is a limit created and set to its potential, precisely referring to anyone or anything. Therefore, art should be categorized by those who are able to understand its colors. We invite you to observe and experience all mediums freely of expectations.

Works from this catalog will be on view in the Gallery at MBS beginning Sept 17, and thereafter by appointment. You may also view and purchase works at our gallery website here.

This Charity Art Event benefits Endeavors, a San Antonio nonprofit that serves vulnerable people in crisis through an innovative, personalized approach. Endeavors restores dignity and improves the quality of life for the vulnerable people through a variety of programs including housing services, mental health services, disaster relief and services for veterans and military families.