MBS December Challenge: Push-ups (Done Right!)

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The ‘Rowvember’ Challenge is officially over, and we had some great efforts put in by our members; with several women crushing the one minute goal and rowing sub :50 times, and a few guys beating the :50 goal and going closer to :45 seconds. Kudos to you!

But now it’s December, and time for a new challenge – a push-up challenge to be exact! Whether you’ve done hundreds, or have never done a single rep, you’ll have several options and levels to work on over the next 31 days.


But first, we have to tightly define what we consider a push-up. Most people think they can do push-ups, but blur the lines a bit by leading with their hips or their head, or my using gravity and momentum to quickly complete the movement, and those won’t count in our book, bub! To count, our push-ups start from the toes, maintain alignment through the shoulders, hips and heels, are completed in a smooth, controlled fashion, and only count if the chest actually taps the ground before smoothly pushing back up to the start position. Here’s a quick graphic for ya…
Challenge: Correct Push Up Form
Correct Form


For a quick video demo of MBS Personal Trainer,  Noelle Owens demonstrating the perfect form, visit our Youtube channel here.


So here’s the challenge: Using the strict form described above, can you do one push-up? If so, congrats, and move on to level two: can you do 10 push-ups in that same, strict form?
If you’re good with that, level three takes it a step further with a 10 second push-up: a 1 second hold at the top position, 4 seconds on the lowering phase, a 1 second hold at the bottom, and 4 seconds on the up phase.
If you can do that, then move on to the fourth and final level: 10 second pushups for a full minute; meaning you’ll finish with 6 total reps of super slow, totally controlled push-ups over 60 total seconds.
Whatever your starting point, you have the entire month to work on your push-up skills, and improve your output.
To ensure you get your form right during all of your workouts, talk to one of our personal trainers or click here to learn about our training packages. Nothing gets you in shape faster than doing it all the right way!
Good Luck!