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Natalie Flores

Yoga entered my life little by little and then all at once. It took some time for me to commit to a personal practice. I was healing from a running and back injury, and seeking treatment with a physical therapist. I was healing mentally from a break down and had been recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder….emotionally, I was devastated. I had lost my ability to run and gained a mixture of weight and body image issues.
It was at my physical therapists urging, that I began to take classes for the first time in years. Needless to say, it was hard! I was sweating, my muscles shook, and I could barely breathe. But, there on the mat, in my first, sweaty, Savasana I surrendered. I surrendered to the limitations of my body. I relaxed and untangled my thoughts. I entered into a short, sweet state of bliss. I wasn’t strong or flexible and I could barely do the poses, let alone gracefully sync it with my breathe, but that moment was enough to for me to come back onto the mat. In this community I found healing, love, self-acceptance and purpose. In 2016 I went into Southtown’s Awakening Soul Vinyasa RYT 200hr Teacher Training.
The biggest lesson this path has taught me is equanimity; meeting life and yourself halfway. A place between effort, ease and acceptance. Everyday is different and what we feel in our bodies and minds also changes. The Yoga is in the non-judgement and acceptance for who I am and what I can do in that moment.
If I can impart anything on my students it is the importance of compassion and acceptance in their journeys. By mixing a well rounded class of mindful movement and breath I want to challenge students to fall in love with their bodies and empower themselves to this practice of creative healing movement- their movement. Their practice. Challenge their thought patterns and evoke a spiritual striving for balance. It is from this yearning of deeper knowledge to better serve my students that led me to the Adaptive Theraputic Yoga 300hr Program.
My hope is that from this program I will learn to confidently assist students with various physical, emotional, and mental issues and bring them back to the practice via sensation. In the future I would like to work with people one on one for a more personalized experiance that works on their body’s current state and addresses their goals in not only Asana & Meditation but Pranayama.
“If your compassion does not include yourself it is incomplete.”
Jack Kornfield