CrossFit Mind Body Soul is more than just a gym you go to, or a workout you do. It is a mindset, a community, a way of life. A practice accessible to everyone, our talented and experienced team of coaches are here to help you reach and exceed your health and fitness goals. The environment combines fun and intensity for a one of a kind workout. Let us challengemotivate, and keep you accountable.

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Hang Power Snatch (6x5 EMOM)
RX+ 60% of BW
RX 50% of BW

Stimulus: Hip Power and Grip Stamina
Metcon (AMRAP - Reps)
Floor Press Partner AMRAP:
6' AMRAP for partners to get as many floor press as possible. 45/35#
*Bar cannot touch the ground. For every time the bar touches the ground there is a 10 burpee penalty performed at the end of the AMRAP.
Stimulus: Pushing stamina
Metcon (Time)
40 TTB for time

Our unlimited membership is $165 a month which allows you access to classes 7 days a week. We offer discounts for military, first responders and members of other MBS entities.

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Our CrossFit box is located conveniently across from the San Antonio Museum of Art.

325 W. Jones Ave
San Antonio Texas, 78215