Josh Levine

Josh will say he was doing crossfit before it was called crossfit.  Having trained hundreds of people in a variety of modalities, over the last ten years he has trained clients for and participated in century rides, olympic triathlons, extreme adventure races, and mountain climbs.  For a period of time he lived by the U.S. Marines’ mantra, Pain is weakness leaving the body until he realized pain is just pain.  He spent 2 years adventuring around the world which culminated in climbing 4 classic peaks – Pico de Orizaba, Mt. Rainier, Ellingwood Arete and Mt. Kilimanjaro – in the span of 12 months.  After summiting Kilimanjaro, he transitioned into a new phase of life opening multiple small businesses and committing himself to the community of San Antonio subsequently falling into the worst shape of his life and a terrible mindset.  He credits a strict regimen of crossfit, yoga, hill sprints, and meditation for getting him back on track.  He considers this photo taken minutes after he signed the book at the true summit of Mt. Rainier as part of a team that he coached the apex of his journey of toil and training.